From the authors of the bestselling Japanese Women Don’t Get Old or Fat comes The Japan Diet, a guide to losing weight the Japanese way.

In Japanese Women Don’t Get Old or Fat, Naomi Moriyama introduced us to the foundations of one of the healthiest diets on Earth - - and now she’s back with The Japan Diet, a thirty day plan on how to incorporate the best of Japan-style eating into our own lives – and it works.

  • 22% of adults in England are obese, compared to 32% in the U.S., and only 3% in Japan
  • Japanese people live longer and more healthily than every other nation on Earth
  • Experts say its not all in the genes - - diet and lifestyle pay a major role

The Japan Diet is inspired by Naomi’s own experiences of growing up in Japan and it is based on a simple philosophy – gradual weight loss and long-term weight maintenance through healthy eating, active lifestyle and the best expert advice. The Japan Diet is not a restrictive set of rules, or a diet which calls for food groups to be eliminated, but a whole new way of falling in love with food.

A Message from Naomi:

I am so thrilled that you have come to this site!

 “The Japan Diet” is a 30-day journey of insights, small steps, shortcuts and tips to help you achieve a slimmer you over the long term – by acquiring a lifetime of healthy eating and lifestyle habits.

I designed it to be read, sampled and practised over the course of 30 days and lived for the rest of your life.

In Weeks 1–3, I’ll show you the basics of The Japan Diet and the best lessons of healthy eating and how to put them into action in your life.

In Week 4, I’ll show you how to enjoy a sample Healthy Eating Plan inspired by the foundations of The Japan Diet, and designed exclusively for this book by one of the UK’s top dieticians. It is built entirely on takeaway and high-convenience foods you can grab at a sushi takeaway or your local supermarket.

In other words, you don’t have to learn how to cook simple, easy Japanese food to enjoy the benefits of The Japan Diet!

Finally, for the weeks and months ahead, I’ll give you a collection of sample meals and delicious, authentic Japanese recipes you can have fun with as you begin exploring The Japan Diet in your life a little deeper.

As we say in Japan, dozo, meshiagare! Or, please, enjoy!





The Japan Diet
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